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- high quality PVC plastic, which is extremely durable and resistant to most dirt. It is a material often used and valued in the production of sports equipment.

- lifting capacity up to 400 kg, which allows for safe and efficient training without any restrictions.

- ANTI-BURST system, which, if allowed to puncture the ball, allows gradual release of air from inside.

- two sizes available: 55 cm and 65 cm. In this way, you can adapt the ball to your needs and capabilities.

- equipment supporting the performance of any fitness, pilates or yoga exercises. This is a great product that gives you a wide range of training options.

The Proud Gym Ball was created to suit different training needs.

Its performance is primarily a good quality PVC plastic, which is characterized by high resistance to dirt and durability.

The ball has an extremely large load capacity of 400 kg. This allows you to perform various exercises, even the most extreme ones.

In addition, there is also the ANTI-BURST system, which was created with a view to possible puncture of the ball. Then, the air is released gradually, without violence, thus guaranteeing the greatest safety.

The ball comes in two sizes: 55 cm and 65 cm, which are marked with different colors

Exercising in different ways.

The gym ball has many training properties. First of all, it works great as an element of fitness or pilates training. The ball can be an additional element when performing such exercises as crunches, lifting the ball with your legs or raising your legs. It also works great in work focused on the spine.

Training wisely.

Training on the ball is so characteristic that it can be used in working with almost any muscle part. Works great for both beginners and professionals. It improves technique, enforces correct posture while doing exercises, and makes development in training work stable and free.

Technical data:

- material: PVC

- ANTI-BURST system (in the event of a puncture, the air is released slowly)

- maximum user weight: 400 kg

* The ball sent is not inflated

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