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It was developed and developed for a solid structure and intensive use. It is a great choice for gym equipment, as well as for home use.

The ergometer works on the basis of air and magnetic resistance controlled by the user, it allows character detection for rowing of movement patterns. The user has 16 levels of resistance at his disposal, which means that each person will choose the appropriate level of intensity during training.

Our phenomenon is the comprehensive involvement of almost all body parts, which results in impressive achievements in slimming and building forms. It is difficult to imagine a professional strength that does not have a rowing ergometer on board, when it always enjoys those interested in exercising.

When the ergometer is not used, it can be placed vertically and the wheels at the front of the device will allow easy movement.

PROUD AIR ROWER is available in 2 colors: black and yellow.


1. Large LCD screen displaying 8 workout readings: time, distance, calories, downloads, energy, pulse, SPM, time / 500m.

2. 8 training modes - quick start, 20/30, 20/10, custom intervals, goal settings (time, distance, calories). repetition control per minute.

3. 16 level manual intensity control.

4. Ergonomic handle allows comfortable and natural positioning of the arms during training.

5. 14.5 ”steel fan provides unlimited power, resistance and momentum.

6. Adjustable 50mm anti-slip rubber footrests for maximum stability.

7. Nylon pull strap with extremely high strength.

8. 7.5cm polyurethane wheels for easy treadmill transportation.

9. The large, waterproof PU seat offers maximum comfort and stability.

10. INA solid needle roller bearings.

11. Chrome pulley with solid sealed 608zz cartridge bearings.

12. POM rollers with solid sealed cartridge bearings 608zz installed.

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