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It has been designed and built from extremely durable materials, thanks to which it is ideally suited for commercial and for use home use.

The mechanism works on the principle of air resistance, offers an unlimited level of resistance - the faster you pedal, the greater the resistance will be. An additional manual resistance adjustment system will ensure that you always achieve your training goal.

The solid construction and accurate fitting of the elements make the bike work very smoothly and quietly and has no play between elements,

which significantly improves the comfort of training. Additional grips on the steering wheel and toe caps on the pedals will make training even more comfortable.

This is a unique HIIT training device that will mobilize the whole body for intensive work.


1. Large LCD screen displaying 6 training readings: time, revolutions per minute, speed, distance, calories, energy.

2. 8 training modes: quick start, 20/10, 20/30, custom intervals, 4 goal settings.

3. Manual magnetic resistance adjustment system.

4. Ergonomic handrails with additional handles for comfortable and natural positioning of the arms during training.

5. Large pedals with toe caps for even greater training convenience.

6. Built-in wireless Polar heart rate receiver.

7. Yellow steel fan with a diameter of 22 ".

8. The handle on the back of the device allows you to easily raise and move the treadmill.

9. Mechanisms for quick adjustment of the saddle position in 2 planes.

10. 7.5cm polyurethane wheels for easy bicycle transportation.

11. Sealed cartridge bearings 6003 and 6203.

12. Multidirectional 2205 cartridge bearings.

13. Sealed SCM415 axis sealed with 6005ZZ machine bearings.

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