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Using the PROUD BARROW SLED training sled in your training you can expect:

- great quality steel, which is additionally protected by powder coating. Selected elements, above all, are resistant to many elements and factors.

- a solid base attached to 12 cm wide skids, allowing for effective and safe training.

- additional bolt for fastening loads, which allows training much more demanding and developmental.

- a handrail that is used for both pushing and pulling, is a great opportunity for the development of different muscle groups and to adapt the equipment to individual training needs.

- equipment that performs well in fitness training, the main advantage of which is to activate the front and rear legs.

Training on a larger scale.

PROUD BARROW SLED training sledge is a device with high quality workmanship, which can be used in many training rooms without any problems.

Made of steel with an excellent alloy, painted with powder paint with a high intensity of color, it is a great element for highly fitness training

In comparison to PROUD SLED 1.0, the wheelbarrow has a much larger spectrum of use. As many as 6 options for setting the sled in both pulling and pushing movements provides the opportunity to involve the whole body in training and the steel construction guarantees durability and reduces the risk of damage during use.

Technical data:

- material: steel

- powder painting

- dimensions:

* length: 110 cm

* width (narrowest): 61 cm

* width (most widely): 78

* height: 100 cm

* runner width: 12 cm

* space for the wheel (plate): 10 cm

* max. disc diameter (wheel function): 50 cm

* length of push pins: 60 cm

* length of the pin on the load: 38 cm

* pin diameter for load: 48 mm

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