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PROUD HEX DUMBBELL RACK 2.1 SERIES is made of powder coated steel. Two reinforced shelves allow you to place HEX type dumbbells on a stand. The number of dumbbells that the rack will fit depends on the weight and dimensions of the dumbbell. Comfortable gouging in the shelf provides easy access to the dumbbell handle thanks to which we can easily reach for them. PROUD HEX DUMBBELL RACK 2.1 SERIES series is ideal for clubs and professional gyms.

Technical data:

- material: steel

- powder painting

- dimensions:

* height: 93 cm

* width: 240 cm

* depth: 67 cm

- two levels:

* level 1 - height: 63 cm (from the ground)

* level 2 - height: 93 cm (from the ground)

- setting: dumbbells slightly inclined

- weight 75 kg

* dumbbells shown in the pictures are sold as a separate product.

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