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Acting together with PROUD SPRINT / SLED TRACK you get:

- high-quality polypropylene fiber with an admixture of polyurethane, is a combination that is characterized by high strength and durability even with very intensive use.

- the presence of guide lines every 1 m, 0.5, m and 0.25 m is a great help, especially in trainings focused on covering specific distances or swinging.

- a product that works well indoors, giving the imitation of a piece of the pitch where you can practice even sledding.

- available in three variants: 10.5 m, 15.5 m and 20.5 m. This allows you to tailor it to your specific training needs.

a fixed width of 2 m, which is extremely practical for this type of training supplement.

Giving everything.

Exercise grass is to be a great help for all those who focus on specific distances in training. Great for using training sleds. Pulling or pushing with different weights are great exercises tailored to many needs and possibilities.

Fitness in the first place.

By using the training grass you can perfectly check your condition and work on strength. First of all, it is important to choose the right loads and focus on regular progress. This type of exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms.

Technical data:

- material: polyurethane + polypropylene

- length: 10.5 m, 15.5 m, 20.5 m

- width:

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