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The basis is convenient and safe training - PROUD WEIGHTLIFTING PLATFORM PRO.


- tailored to the needs of 200 cm x 300 cm, they definitely facilitate the training of Olympic doubles or Powerlifting.

- modular structure of cubes with dimensions of 50 cm x 50 cm, characterized by extraordinary strength and extremely efficient and quick assembly.

- non-slip rubber, increasing the safety of the exerciser while performing even the most demanding and technically complicated exercises.

- division of the deck hardness, where the top is hard and the bottom is soft, which is to reduce the stratification of the material during intense workouts.

availability in two colors: red and blue, allows you to match the equipment to specific tastes and tastes.

Benefit with every workout.

PROUD WEIGHTLIFTING PLATFORM PRO is a product made entirely of non-slip rubber, which is characterized by excellent grip ensuring a high degree of safety. This is important, especially when training with heavy loads.

The dimensions of the device are 200 cm long, 300 cm wide and 3 cm thick. The platform is built modularly, i.e. it consists of cubes with dimensions of 50 cm x 50 cm. This facilitates the assembly of all equipment and makes it extremely fast and trouble-free. The structure created in this way perfectly damps impacts and decreases in loads.

The upper part of the platform is hard, while the bottom is softer. This is to ensure reduced delamination of the material and to minimize the appearance of damage.

The equipment is available in two colors: red or blue.

For better training.

Weight training is one of the most interesting and developmental activities. However, they require proper practice and work on technology. Exercises such as lifting, breaks or deadlift are extremely popular but also technically difficult, where it is easy to get injured. It's worth doing them to suit the individual possibilities of the trainee.

Training with your head.

Activities with weights make the body firmer, support muscle performance and affect overall development. This is a great example of a great sculpture building workout. What is extremely important for this type of exercise is a properly selected technique that is performed with a certain number of repetitions. Such activities allow you to achieve the best results.

Technical data:

- platform dimensions:

* length - 2 m

* width - 3 m

* thickness - 30 mm

* bricks dimensions - 50 x 50 cm

* end dimensions - 11 x 50 cm

- the complete platform consists of:

* black bricks - 16 pcs* color bricks - 8 pcs

* straight edge - 12 pcs

* corner edge - 8 pcs

* one brick weight - 9,5 kg

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